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World’s Sneakiest Animals Season 1 Episode 2 (The Hunger Game) 10 January,Sunday


World's Sneakiest Animals


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Info:Chris Packham meets a host of animals that use deceptive tactics to find food. New science reveals that some trick their prey, like the manipulative mantis that looks like a flower, and killer whales that settraps using sound. Others cheat each other - sea otters demand ransoms after kidnapping each other's pups. And in our parks, grey squirrels are at war - stealing raids can only be foiled by a devious sleight of hand. Some fool other species for food - meet the drongo, an African bird running a false protection racket, and monkeys who steal valuables from humans and then barter for their return. These animal liars, cheats and hustlers really will stop at nothing to get a meal.

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