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The Murder Detectives Season 1 Episode 3 (Episode 3) 03 December,Thursday


The Murder Detectives

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Info:It is mid-April 2014, and fugitive Luchiano Barnes is under arrest for the murder of 19 year old Nicholas Robinson. The custody clock is now ticking as detectives question him about the killing of Nicholas. With CCTV, phone records and local information painting a rough picture of the day in question it looks as though everything points towards Luchiano as the killer. But the police are yet to uncover any concrete evidence connecting him to the crime scene. Forensic scientists sample his DNA, fingerprints are taken, as they search for the elusive smoking gun. As Nicholas's family anxiously prepare for a murder trial, have the police really got the right man? And as the genuine and far-reaching consequences become apparent we are shown the full spectrum and impact of knife crime in the UK.

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