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The Murder Detectives Season 1 Episode 2 (Episode 2) 02 December,Wednesday


The Murder Detectives

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Info:In the days following Nicholas Robinson's murder on the 5th March 2015 we follow Avon and Somerset Police as they continue the hunt for his murderer. The Police have a prime murder suspect, local teenager Luchiano Barnes, a 19 year-old who grew up in St Paul's, Bristol. But unfortunately the police are 48 hours behind, and he has fled the UK on a flight to New York. The detectives in Bristol have circulated his details to the FBI, but at this stage he could be anywhere in the world. And so they must start looking closer to home, to see if they can gather the evidence and find a motive before he hopefully returns. Meanwhile, the parents of victim Nicholas Robinson are trying to come to terms with his murder, plus have to face the ordeal of burying their son, the second child his mother has lost. There is only one thing that keeps his dad Carlos going; the desperate need for justice. A fugitive on the loose, and a murder detective and his team that has to find a murderer and answers for a grieving family.

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