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The Getaway Car Season 1 Episode 2 (Episode 2) 30 January,Saturday


The Getaway Car


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Info:In this episode, bickering brothers Mitz and Dee put aside their differences to tackle four other teams. Husband and wife Kate and Charlie are from Devon. The kids are at home, Charlie is highly embarrassed about driving a pink car in the show, but Kate has the steely determination to win. Best friends Chloe and Bethany are inseparable. They say they never argue... but then they have never been on The Getaway Car before. And dressed head to toe in flaming red to match their flaming red car are sisters Val and Babs who are out to prove that being past a 'certain age' is no barrier to top teamwork and enviable driving skills. Finally, if you are in the full flush of your first year dating your lovely new boyfriend or girlfriend, would you put yourself through a relationship road test? Well the loved-up Joseph and Karen are game

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