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The Cruise Season 1 Episode 4 (Episode 4) 25 March,Friday


The Cruise


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Dil Seçeneği
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Info:In tonight's episode, the staff compete to win the coveted title of employee of the month, with a top prize of £500 as well as deck privileges, tours, dinners and extra time off - the employee are desperate to win. Rhymond is braving the elements to keep the ship looking pristine. He decides at 5am, the prize is clearly his. Elsewhere Timothy is a cock-a-hoop about his new job with the shore excursions team however leaving his friends on the front desk will be hard. Will his excitement carry him through the challenges he faces? Also Scott is left in charge of the whole team when his boss goes on leave. He is busy with one of the most important jobs on board - making drinking water from the sea - over a million litres a day of it.

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