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The Cruise Season 1 Episode 3 ( Episode 3) 17 March,Thursday


The Cruise


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Dil Seçeneği
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Info:Tonight it's turnaround day when crew have to help 3,300 guests check out with their 10,000 pieces of luggage and welcome the new batch – with just a few hours to clean & prepare the 1,800 passenger rooms. They are up against the clock but hotel general manager Dirk, who's famed for his meticulous inspections will not tolerate any slip in standards. With a teutonic attention to detail he is on the prowl, torch in hand, and woe betide the crew if he unearths any misplaced dust. On the entertainment team, new dancer Dulcie is missing home. Getting the gig was a long held ambition but the reality of missing her brother's wedding and living apart from her boyfriend to do the job she dreamed of is tough. "Being away from him for so long actually kills you a little bit inside," she says. And while some passengers enjoy the finer things in life; dressed up and dining at the ship's lumiere table with its million pound décor and a curtain of light enveloping the diners, others have only the clothes they stand up in. After the airlines lost their luggage front desk supervisor Herbert is under increasing pressure to find it & get it aboard at the next port – no mean feat when you're dealing with a moving target. He has a keen eye on Dirk's job so he's hoping he can deliver his usual 97% success rate in getting bags back.

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