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The Cruise Season 1 Episode 1 (Episode 1) 04 March,Friday


The Cruise


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Dil Seçeneği
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Info:Tonight, as the 11 day voyage around the Baltic from Copenhagen to St Petersburg begins, the guests have more than relaxing on their mind – they're vying for the coveted award of the most travelled passenger. Some cruise superfans have spent up to 7 or 8 years of their lives aboard. Martha & Rusty Underwood are in the running but say "These people have so many cruises, the only way we will ever catch up is if they die and we don't!" The crew's entertainment team is joined by new dancer Dulcie, from Portsmouth, but will she make the grade as a professional dancer? The inimitable Timothy is charming passengers on the front desk but has his eye firmly on a job with ‘ship bestie' Emma doing shore excursions. And ex navy engineer Scott, from Darlington, joins the engineering team and soon has to find the source of a leak – no mean feat when you're dealing with hundreds of miles of pipes.

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