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The Boonies Season 1 Episode 4 (Blood And Sweat) 10 February,Wednesday


The Boonies


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Info:Life off the grid provides freedom, but that independence doesn't come easy. Whether it's finding food, stocking the medicine cabinet or battling the elements, life in the Boonies requires a daily dose of sweat and blood. "Below the Grid" in Arkansas, Joe Ray must work every week to provide the food he needs to survive. With his pantry running low, he prepares to hunt for wild game – and it looks like hog might be on the menu. "Above the Grid," in the trees of Onion Creek, Washington, Doc and Jeanny Leverett rely on one another to remedy most problems that arise…including the kind of illness currently plaguing Doc. While he is quarantined in the tree house, Jeanny turns to her unique medicine cabinet – the woods around her. "Beyond the Grid" in Idaho, Bear Claw has lived high atop the ridgelines of the Clearwater Mountains for the past 10 years. Every year, to celebrate the anniversary of his arrival in the wilderness, Bear Claw embarks on a pack trip to the site of his very first camp. Per tradition, he is joined by Hans and Conan Ausmussen, the father and son mountain men who took him under their wing when he first arrived. "Outside the grid," in the middle of Lake Michigan, a series of severe storms has punished the Beaver Island archipelago. Now, in the wake of the storm, Dan Burton must pick up the pieces – a job that will require lifting a fallen tree off of his truck.

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