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The Apprentice Season 11 Episode 5 (Children's Book) 05 November,Thursday

The Apprentice


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Dil Seçeneği
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Info:The entrepreneurs are summoned to the London Library in St James’s Square, where Lord Sugar gives them the task of writing and designing a children’s book. They must also record an accompanying CD, before going on to sell the product to London’s bookshops. For one candidate it is the perfect task, but one team struggles to meet deadlines and the other has a disagreement in the recording studio on how to perform their story. When it comes to selling their masterpieces, one group resorts to dropping their prices in a bid to shift their stock and the other is unsettled by a mistake in front of industry experts. Both teams find it difficult to get sales, and the task comes to a head when another candidate is fired in the boardroom.

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