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The Nature Of Things Call of the Baby Beluga 30 January,Saturday

The Nature Of Things Call of the Baby Beluga


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Dil Seçeneği
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Info:CALL OF THE BABY BELUGA begins with the eventful history of the 900 remaining belugas that now live in the estuary of the St. Lawrence River in central Quebec. This story starts with the surprising basic fact that these members of a species adapted to arctic survival make their home in a decidedly temperate climate. The film explains how these whales arrived in waters that would become the St. Lawrence at the end of the Ice Age, then stayed because of favourable conditions when most other belugas moved far to the north as the ice receded. The story becomes grim as European whalers then settlers killed thousands of belugas for leather and oil. Then, in the 1920s, the government put a bounty on belugas because fishermen mistakenly believed the whales were destroying fisheries. Commercial hunting continued until 1959, and sport hunting lasted another two decades. Then, out of the decimation of the killing, the whales were suddenly embraced by humans when we learned of their intelligence and social lives.

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