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Not Safe with Nikki Glaser Season 1 Episode 19 (Museum of Broken Relationships) 03 August,Wednesday


Not Safe With Nikki Glaser


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Info:Nikki tours a new museum dedicated to relationships gone bad with Rachel Feinstein; Margaret Cho and Kurt Braunohler discuss common sexual stereotypes.

Not Safe with Nikki Glaser Season 1 Episode 19” için 1 Comment
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    Mary Lethin

    15 August 2016

    So, I broke up with my bf(a sex offender) over my reluctance to send him pics to his phone. Ironically,I kept the video he sent me of him doing a striptease and keep transferring it to my subsequent phones. He also had a corrections officer from his prison sentence as a former girlfriend, apparently she wasn’t as squeamish about pegging him as I was… Last time I saw him, I gave him a bunch of monster dildos I’d found in a trash can

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