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Murder Season 1 Episode 2 (The Lost Weekend) 10 March,Thursday



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Dil Seçeneği

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Info:A wealthy American, Arla Beckman who founded a charity organisation goes missing. She's known to be having a extramarital affair with and English aristocrat, Dominic. He has quite a reputation. Arla's friend Bryony is convinced that Dominic is involved in her going missing and takes to social media to make her point heard, at this point DCI Goss gets involved in the case. Meanwhile, Dominic's father Greville isn't impressed with his son and gets his lawyers involved, as he's fed up of the family name been dragged through the mud. DCI Goss begins to put the pieces together and soon realises that Bryony's accusations aren't simply just rants and that Dominic may need his father now more then ever.

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