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Mr. Selfridge Season 4 Episode 9 (Episode 9) 04 March,Friday


Mr. Selfridge


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Info:Preparations are underway for celebrating the 20th anniversary of the store opening. Harry gets special permission to run a parade down Oxford Street, but first has to contend with the suppliers' embargo for Whiteley's. Mardle struggles to cope to make sure life continues as normal for the Grove children. Meryl suggests Mardle heads back to work and a vacancy may of just opened up for her. Jimmy's accountant makes a revelation about the Whiteley's accounts. Jimmy wonders if he can borrow stock from Selfridges as he doubts the embargo been lifted. Meryl and Freddy bring the Grove family back together for a special treat. Joe Tooby of the London Herald, has found a hole in Jimmy's story and takes his allegations straight to the press.

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