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Capital Season 1 Episode 2 (Episode 2) 02 December,Wednesday




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Dil Seçeneği
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Info: Not watched When the 'We Want What You Have' campaign takes a nasty turn for the worse, the residents of Pepys Road demand greater action from the police. But whilst DI Mill searches for a breakthrough, other forces continue to transform the fortunes of many of the road's inhabitants. Returning home after her Christmas sojourn, Arabella is troubled to discover that Roger is refusing to fall into line - and worse, rather than getting the house in order himself, he's hired the attractive Matya to help with the kids. Meanwhile, Petunia's health continues to deteriorate, causing Smitty to reveal a big secret to his ailing grandmother. But her sickness doesn't mean that old resentments are just swept away, and Mary is left struggling to cope with the decline in her mother's health. When the Kamal brothers learn that their mother Mrs Kamal is planning to visit, Shahid hatches a plan to finally get rid of Iqbal. Elsewhere, Bogdan's womanising causes difficulties between him and Piotr, and Mashinko is desperate to learn of the fate that has befallen Quentina.

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