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60 Minutes Season 48 Episode 39 (Lost in the Bermuda Triangle | Hamilton) 13 June,Monday


60 Minutes


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Info:Lost in the Bermuda Triangle - 60 Minutes shows the wreck of El Faro 15,000 feet below the Atlantic -- the worst U.S. maritime disaster in 35 years. Hamilton - Before the "70th Annual Tony Awards" on CBS, "60 Minutes" Will Broadcast Its "Hamilton" Segment with Previously Unseen Material About the Show That Has Received a Record 16 Tony Nominations Fans of "Hamilton" who have not had a chance to see the Broadway hit may want to watch Sunday's 60 MINUTES – it could be their last chance to see Lin-Manuel Miranda, the show's creator, in the title role. "Hamilton" is still the hardest ticket to get on Broadway, and Miranda will move on later this summer. 60 MINUTES will offer a "director's cut" that's nearly double the length of Charlie Rose's original report, first broadcast in November. The previously unseen additions include more of the interviews with Miranda and the cast and more material and performance footage from the show, which has received a record 16 Tony nominations.

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